Niall’s Transformation

Niall came to me after a significant health scare. He wanted to make a change to his life by improving his health in and outside of the gym. 

We both sat down and discussed what he wanted to try and achieve over the next few months. He wanted to bulk up and gain some weight that he lost after coming out of hospital. 

We decided he was going to train 3 full body sessions a week, and got him eating what he needed to to put the size that he wanted back on. 

He consistently showed up every session wanting to get stronger in the gym and hit those PB’s. All that was needed was some structure with training and his food. He executed this every single week! 

Niall is the strongest he has ever been and made massive changes to his lifestyle outside of the gym to become a healthier person! 

He has gained over 7kg and is only just getting started. 

Consistency was unmatched mate, so a massive well done mate.