Lindsay’s Transformation

Lindsay won my competition over 6 weeks ago to win a month of free personal training.

She already had a trainer at the time and achieved an amazing transformation in that time through her own hard work and dedication.

When we initially spoke about her goals moving forward, the goal was to get strong, fit and get some “GUNS”!

So, we set Lindsay up on my tracker and app and had her training 3-4 times a week hitting all the areas she wanted to improve in. 

Lindsay trained with me once a week and completed the other sessions on her own and she absolutely smashed it!

After the 6 weeks she was considerably better at push ups and in a much better place with her movement in the gym and her strength had already increased.

Lindsay has now moved online with her training as she has moved home for the summer, but I can’t wait to see how she progresses!

It’s been an absolute pleasure to coach Lindsay from the start as she has taken everything I’ve said and implemented it! One of the hardest working people in and out of the gym and more importantly a lovely person!

Massive well done Lindsay 💪🏻