Laura’s Transformation

Jake spends time understanding what your goals are and gets to the root of why you want to train. I feel this is important as some people cannot answer the question as to why they want to train in the first place. Once he has this understanding he will go to any length to help you achieve these goals as well as exceed them and push your limits.

Jake has always been on hand whether it’s about nutrition or training and he has always been patient and supportive towards me. He kept me on track and motivated throughout the training sessions that I really struggled through due to external stresses that I was experiencing at the time. He’s not afraid to tell you to have a break when he knows you are juggling too many things, and he will not make you feel guilty for slowing things down and taking that break. He will recognise when you’re juggling too many things at once and will change and adapt your programme to suit your routines.

I am so happy with my results and feel so much better physically and mentally since starting with Jake. I would genuinely recommend him to anyone who wants to get serious about their training, he’s the man! Set your goals and contact him.